Memory of the Present

         I am interested in memories that separate from the present and grow significant as they recede into the past to the point where they seem iconic (to have always existed) or reside as harbingers echoing forward things to be repeated again.

Memory of the Present is a four-part animation of still photographic images with soundscapes. The photo-animations appear in pairs, projected at life size within the same gallery space. Each pairing contains two men, one from the Middle East and one from North America, involved in a non-competitive activity that is engaged in for its own sake and the pleasure of participating in it. As these men are no longer youths, there is an earnestness apparent in how they perform these actions that binds them together, regardless of their differences.

With this series it is the space between the still images in the animations that I am exploring. Through animation this interstice is where movement is created, and where both the release of the still image into movement and the restraint of its movement by the still image become a focus of my attention.

The title comes from a conversation where Derrida refers to the nature of photography as "memory of the present, division of the instant". The fleeting nature of the activities these men engage in is amplified by the camera, and they become both ancient and present in the photograph. The still image as a visual memory instills the content with an iconic stature, and the traces of movement in the photo-animations foretell the inevitable repetition of these activities.

Memory of the Present

Is a four-part animation
of still photographic images with soundscapes